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A Good Place To Start

Some Welcome Home 2


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Categorization is odious. There is tremendous overlap among genres. These pigeonholes are offered only as a convenience.

Sharon Wildwind

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Sharon Wildwind February 8th, 2011 09:23 AM PST

Hi, Sharon here. This comment contains a short blurb on each book in the series.

Some Welcome Home, 2005
Captain Elizabeth Pepperhawk survived Vietnam, but will she survive Fort Bragg? Whoever dressed a dead body in a World War II uniform, and put it in her bed at Normandy House, wants to shorten not only her military career, but her life.

First Murder in Advent, 2006
Ex-Captain Elizabeth Pepperhawk should have stayed in the army. She knew she wasn't convent material. Now, she can't decide which will kill her first, the nuns, hypothermia, or the ravages of a guilty conscience.

Soldier on the Porch, Five Star, 2007
If only the hospital hadn't exploded. Two men wouldn't be dead. Ex-Army Nurse Elizabeth Pepperhawk wouldn't be in trouble for coming to work intoxicated. Pepper’s friend and fellow Vietnam veteran, Avivah Rosen, wouldn't be face-to-face with her worst nightmare. When civilian life collapses around them, Pepper, Avivah, and their friend, Benny, organize their own private squad and go on patrol. That way lies murder.

Missing, Presumed Wed, 2009
Ex-Special Forces Sergeant Benny Kirkpatrick is one week away from marrying and, as he puts it, "I've seen courts martial that required less preparation than this wedding." While meeting relatives arriving for the wedding, Benny’s mother is abducted. Her abductor's body is discovered in the trunk of his car. Benny, Avivah and Pepper must put their romantic entanglements aside to find a killer. Will the price of justice tear Benny's family apart forever?

Loved Honor More - final book in the series (Currently with the publisher)


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Sharon Wildwind is a southern girl, who moved north. All the way from Louisiana to northern Canada, with a stop-over in the U.S. Army and in North Carolina.

Both the Army and North Carolina form the backdrop for her Vietnam veterans mystery series. Like her protagonist, Elizabeth Pepperhawk, Sharon is a U.S. Army Nurse Corps veteran. Unlike Pepper, Sharon looks before she leaps—well, sometimes.

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