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Phyllis Raphael

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psych-1 February 19th, 2007 09:17 PM PST

Off the King's Road is a gem.
It is the story of the author's divorce from an unfaithful Hollywood producer while they lived in London with their three young children. This event is presaged by an early attempt by Marlon Brando to seduce the author in front of her all-too-accepting husband. But out of the pain of this moment, Raphael finds the wisdom and strength to make a life for herself as both a new writer and a new woman.
The book is filled with quirky people and off-beat incidents, but its remarkable power lies with Raphael's writing. The book is written with wit, compassion, frankness, and laugh-out-loud humor, a unique style that draws and keeps the reader so enthralled that he or she--the book has great appeal for both sexes--must find out what happens next--where the next all-too-human vulnerablity will be empathically exposed in either the author or her many suitors.
This is, I tell you, one great read!


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Phyllis Raphael is a novelist, essayist and journalist. Winner of a PEN award for short fiction, her stories and essays have appeared in The Village Voice, The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harpers, Boulevard and in the Norton Anthology, Seasons of Women. She has taught Creative Writing at The New School and New York University and is currently an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Columbia University. "Off The King's Road - Lost and Found in London," has been described as "Savvy...Vibrant...an elegant memoir of a swinging time " by Kirkus Reviews and the Los Angeles Times has pronounced it "Fascinating" and "Laugh aloud funny." "What a Trip!" said Marie Claire.

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