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Rebecca Walker (1969 - )

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kedh April 11th, 2007 04:07 PM PST

I was drawn to Rebecca Walker's pregnancy memoir because I find myself suddenly quite ambivalent about motherhood. While I've always thought I would have children and have never really imagined adulthood without them, I recently came to the conclusion that I could also have a happy, fulfilling life if I did NOT have a child.

This book shows a major shift in Rebecca - B.C. (before child) to A.C. (after child). During the first half of the book, Rebecca B.C. and I didn't have much in common. I'm pretty "generic" or typical in that I would probably never consider going with a doula and midwife over the best OB/GYN I could find in my city. I used to live in San Francisco so as I was reading I kept thinking, "Why isn't she going to one of the Cal-Pacific or UCSF hospitals?"

However, it was fascinating to read about pregnancy from Rebecca's perspective and to see her 180 degree change of heart - from fantasizing about and planning *her* birthing experience to being solely concerned with the health and safety of her child. It was educational and enlightening to experience pregnancy in an alternative way than how I will in my own life and then, in the end, realize that moms-to-be - no matter who they are - probably have more in common than not.


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Rebecca Walker is an American feminist and writer. She has been named by Time Magazine as one of the 50 future leaders of America.

Walker was born Rebecca Leventhal in Jackson, Mississippi to Mel Leventhal, a Jewish American lawyer, and Alice Walker, the African-American author of The Color Purple.

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