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RD Larson (1941 - )

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RD Larson August 31st, 2008 10:16 PM PST

Hello, my wonderful readers. I am working hard on book four with the stories you all love about Erle and Stumpy. I am also working on a suspense thriller called Car Jack. I am doing a lot of research and asking questions about the 70's so that you will know as much as I do about Erle and Stumpy. Believe me, I never thought they would become a whole book! Also you can read some of my work for free at www.bewilderingstories.com under my name, RD Larson. My website is www.RDLarson.com

Thank you so much for all the times you've read my stories and my books.

Best of all things 2U
RD Larson

middamo September 1st, 2008 06:48 AM PST

I have read and reread this author for five years. RD Larson is a wide ranging writer with a talent that never ceases to please the reader. My favorite is 'Mama tried to Raise a Lady", which is a memoir of her youth told in a funny way, but at the same time remindful of what all kids go through in rites of passage. It is soft but powerful, and fun!

Read everything you can find from RD. You won't choose a bad one!
Lad Moore
Jefferson TX

Cleveland September 3rd, 2008 09:50 AM PST

It is easy for me to say I've read many of RD Larson's works because I have.
Not only do her short stories entertain, her books do too. Evil Angel pours forth atmosphere and makes the reader sit on the edge waiting for the axe to fall. She's dived into nostalgic pieces too, to make us think of Rock and Roll, with drama behind those tales featuring Stumpy and his friend Erle.

I've met RD and her husband. In a story on Bewildering stories you can read what a bad character I am in a classic horror story, the Whimsy. Of course, it's all true but read it for yourself to find out. To salute her and to pay a tribute I've written a story that follows on called 'The Curse of the Whimsy' which I hope to send to the same website.

RD has written in many genres so it is difficult to find a particular one for the new reader. I'd suggest her book 'Saving Rev Clayton' because it is a laugh and I love it. Full of good descriptive pieces and gets my sympathy vote right from the start because the Reverend needs lots of saving. The guy is in a mess! Why not read and see for yourself?
Cleveland W. Gibson


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RD Larson can‘t help writing. Her imagination forces her to write every day. She lives on an island off the west coast of the US. She reads like she’s feasting and writes like she’s starving. She has had more than 230 articles, stories and essays published online and in print. Her interests are reading, sailing, kayaking, hiking along the coast, and gardening.

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