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Eva Pasco (1951 - )

added by Eva Pasco


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Eva Pasco July 17th, 2008 12:53 PM PST

Romance/Women's Fiction novel,UNDERLYING NOTES by Eva Pasco, may be purchased at:


A comment from the author: ALL ABOUT EVA'S NOVEL

More than a cocktail for hot flashes and fluctuating libido, UNDERLYING NOTES strews debris from the Sixties and crumbs of callousness, blame, self-sacrifice, repression, and restlessness along the unmarked trails of introspection and reinvention winding through Carla Matteo's journey in the Second Act of Life.

Carla's fragrance addiction numbs the pain of her father's tragic death, wards off the sting of a severed adolescent friendship, fortifies her against the stench of employment inside her husband's waste management company on land purported to have been swindled by a shady father-in-law, and wafts through fantasies of having a fling with hubby's paesano. During a midlife renaissance the juice offers incentive for Carla to find her own niche, while the ominous rose note in Paloma Picasso forces her to confront a troubled past.

Carla Matteo's self-deprecating wit and candor navigate the reader past Rhode Island's affluent coastal communities, prominent landmarks, cherished institutions, and olive oil spills of the underworld as she reveals her quirks, inhibitions, anxieties, and fears. Carla's account is as multilayered as the fragrances she wears to permeate back stories that illuminate the present and surrender underlying secrets one morsel at a time.



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My imagination and fascination with words were nurtured as a toddler, sitting on Mother's lap listening to her read stories to me until she grew hoarse. Under her tutelage I became a proficient typist by the age of nine and soon pounded chapter stories replete with dialogue on the stubborn keys of my girly pink Tom Thumb typewriter. By adolescence I created an espionage series filled with gadgets conjured by my wild imagination: a carnation camera; tint-o-shine, an eye drop solution with the potential to trigger motion on still photos; an earring radio...you get the general idea!

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