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Eight Days To Live: My Journey To Commit Suicide 1

Sharon C. Dear

added by beboposaurus


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beboposaurus September 17th, 2008 04:53 PM PST

it's clever how ashley washington's story comes together! i was gripped by the flow of events and the exchange of dialog (and dialect!) between the characters. as i read, i realized that i share things in common with all of the characters (the men & women).

this story touches on some provocative topics. many friendships (not to mention, lives!) could be saved by learning from the mistakes, achievements and lessons learned by the characters in this story.

if you have friends or family that you want to encourage to be positive people; but you don't know how to get the message across to them in your own words - just give them a copy of this book to read; this story gets the message across brilliantly!


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Author Sharon C. Dear, recognized her desire to write at the age of seven. At that age, while sitting before her typewriter she received a vision of herself writing a novel as an adult that would inevitably reach many readers.

Sharon exercised her desire to write by writing short stories that she kept to herself as well as having to do writing assignments in various classes taken in school. Although several instructors in her classes acknowledged her talent for writing, one college instructor teaching English stands out. After submitting a story as a writing assignment, her English instructor excitedly recognized her gift for writing and stressed that she seriously consider a career as a writer. With those words of encouragement steadily weighing on her mind, in addition to her natural desire to write, many years later, Sharon C. Dear embraced the challenge of completing her first novel titled Eight Days to Live, My Journey to Commit Suicide.

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