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Garasamo Maccagnone

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pacofig November 30th, 2008 06:24 AM PST

“For the Love of St Nick,” is a story that is short in length but huge in impact. This tale of familial love and the ability to adapt makes a great read. It is a story of Tiger and his younger brother, Johnny, and their life with their father, known as “The Commander,” who was a US Navy commander. The boys are motherless as she died giving birth to Johnny who is a fairly, sickly child. Tiger’s love and devotion to his younger brother is to be admired. The little family is fairly happy in California but when the military transfers the Commander to a small cabin near Lake Huron it brings a lot of changes for the family. The resiliency of the boys in adapting to the harsh winters and embracing winter/snow sports and play shows the ability to make the most of any situation. When the Commander gets called away for a secret mission just before Christmas the boys end up alone one night as their care-taker left for supplies and then due to bad weather was not able to get back to the boys. Johnny falls ill and Tiger has to grow up and handle things. He looks to his favorite saint, St Nick for a miracle. His faith and belief are met in a miraculous way that makes the heart warming story a must read for anyone with even just a little sentimentality and Holiday spirit. Maccagnone is a terrific story teller.

Jami16 November 30th, 2008 12:35 PM PST

This delightful short story, less than 50 pages could go right up on the shelf by, “A Visit from St Nick,” to come out at least once a year for family time at Christmas. However, the skilled story telling and powerful message delivered by Garasamo Maccagnone need not be relegated to holiday time only. The story of two brothers as told by Tiger, the elder and life with their military father, the Commander is an easy read without being simplistic. The motherless family survives a move from their home in California to a huge change in remote Michigan. The change is in climate as well as lifestyle and the boys learn to adapt and love the winter sports and differences that Michigan brings. They lost their mother in child birth with the youngest and Tiger makes sure to tell stories of his mother to Johnny who of course never got to know her. All of that would be tough enough but Johnny is frail and has to deal with many illnesses throughout his life. The boys must look for a miracle and pray to Tiger’s favorite saint, St Nick on a winter night that found them on their own as “The Commander,” was called away on a secret mission and the usual caretaker was away. It is a heartwarming ending that brings this family together and makes a very satisfying read.

Florida Reader December 4th, 2008 07:46 AM PST

What a great novella, short but it is huge on impact. The power of love and wonder of miracles are front and center in this delightful and heartwarming tale.

After their Mother's death, during the birth of Johnny, he and his older brother "Tiger" live a simple life with their father and nanny. They must endure many battles with Johnny's frequent illnesses. Then, one fateful evening, while their father is away on a top secret mission for the United States military, and their nanny has gone home to get a few things, to hold her over until the end of a terrible snow storm, a miracle is needed to help Johnny survive. That miracle comes in a most wonderful and unforgettable way.

I was in the "Oh no, I have to finish my shopping for Christmas when a friend gave me this book. It was an instantly uplifting read. Christmas returned to miraculous and wonderful.I Not only do I think that this is a perfect story for the holidays, but one to help revive anyone's day, throughout the entire year. With a much needed lesson of hope, love and miracles, this little book is a must for everyone's library. What a marvelous gift - not only to a friend or loved one, but to oneself.


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