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AJ Tada

added by pacofig


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pacofig December 19th, 2008 03:58 AM PST

AJ Tata has written a fast paced, extremely relevant book about the war in Iraq and the fight against Islamic terrorism, but even more than that has brought a thought provoking, timely book that questions our leaders and Washington. In a time where our country is very politically divided and unscrupulous politicians are being uncovered all of the time this book takes you right into the action on the battlefield and the story of two brave, high ranking military brothers, Matt and Zachary Garrett, their fight against the elusive enemy and the political machinations that bring them to China, the Phillipines and an old Navy base near Manila. While the brothers are not stationed together they find themselves fighting the same fight and discovering very questionable practices by the military and power brokers in DC. This is the type of book that we all hope is purely fictional but we fear that it may not be. It is a compelling, thriller of bravery, patriotism and treachery.

Jami16 December 19th, 2008 04:01 AM PST

This timely military thriller is an easy read in that it moves quickly and the plot has many twists and turns. Brothers, Zachary Garrett, a US Army captain and Matt Garrett, a CIA paramilitary operative are on assignments separately, in the fight against Islamic terrorism but end up being in the same part of the world as Matt is pulled from his assignment in Pakistan as he is very close to making a kill of al Queda senior leadership and is given an assignment in China and the Philliipines, while Zachary is deployed to an old Navy base near Manila. As the two brothers fight the elusive war on terrorism they are unaware of treachery in Washington, DC, that is trying to keep the country focused on the fight against Islamic terrorism so that their own plot and motives will go undiscovered. This fight against terrorism takes an unexpected turn as the fight moves forward with a question of who is the real enemy.


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