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The Salt-Stained Book 1


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Julia Jones

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editor May 10th, 2009 09:49 PM PST

"The Adventures of Margery Allingham," then titled "Margery Allingham, A Biography" and listed under the author's then name of Julia Thorogood, was originally published in 1991 by Heinemann. This new edition of the well-received biography includes new material. The following review by Boyd Tonkin appeared in the Independent March 27, 2009:

"Queens of crime seldom enjoyed quiet lives. Consider Margery Allingham, the smart and funny creator of Albert Campion. Her wise-fool detective delighted fans (two million Penguin sales by the 1950s) in novels from 1929 to 1965.

"In postwar rural Essex, at work on her finest mysteries, she coped with an erring husband, severe depression and ECT, and vicious harassment by the Inland Revenue.

"First published in 1991, and now updated with new revelations (husband Pip even had a child with the lesbian icon Nancy Spain), Jones's hugely absorbing biography is a treat to match its subject's books.

"It fits its heroine like a glove, rich in tough-minded, never-say-die wit. As a portrait of eccentric British bohemia in slump, war and austerity, this life takes every cake on the teatime plate."

bookbug October 29th, 2011 04:01 PM PST

“The Salt-Stained Book,” the first volume in Julia Jones’ “Strong Winds” trilogy, is a thumping great sea tale of smart, sensitive Donny Walker, who at 13 is taken away from his mute, dyslexic mother and thrown upon the tender mercies of the English child welfare system. Donny is kept from bitterness and despair by a new passion for all things nautical, and new friends who share his enchantment.

“The Salt-Stained Book” is definitely the place to start reading Jones’ savvy, energetic, deeply imagined trilogy, which continues with the newly published "A Ravelled Flag."


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Julia Jones was born in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Her parents both loved sailing and when Julia three years old they brought Peter Duck, a yacht that had been built for Arthur Ransome, author of the much-loved Swallows and Amazons adventure series. Julia slept in the place that had been designed for Ransome to store his typewriter and it wasn’t long before she was reading her way through his stories. Boats and books have been part of her life ever since.

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