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Charles Todd

added by nebula61


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nebula61 January 19th, 2011 05:59 PM PST

Most of Todd's novels revolve around the life and times of Inspector Ian Rutledge, a World War I veteran, secretly suffering from shell shock, who returns to his career as a detective at Scotland Yard after being dumped by his prewar fiance. His alter ego is Hamish, a dead Scottish soldier who now haunts him and speaks to him constantly. This all sounds pretty grim, but Todd actually injects a lot of humor into Hamish's character and Rutledge himself is a very sympathetic character.

If you don't fall in love with Rutledge, however, you can also read a new Todd series starring Bess Crawford, a WWI nurse who solves mysteries in her spare time. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of the Rutledge series but I like the Bess Crawford series even more: A Duty to the Dead (1999) and An Impartial Witness (2010).

If you don't care for series, the Todds have written one standalone novel:
The Murder Stone (2003). (But who knows, it may become a series.)

The Todds' writing style is consistently excellent and each novel can be read as a standalone because they do provide the background, but the Rutledge series does closely follow the events in his life. However, I began reading Legacy of the Dead not realizing it was a series, and I enjoyed it anyway; I was happy to discover the rest!


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Charles Todd is the pen name for a mother and son writing team: Caroline and Charles Todd. That's why I didn't include a birthdate.

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