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A Good Place To Start

Among the Ginzburgs 3
Back East 1
Corpse de Ballet 1
Likewise 1

A Bad Place To Start

Back East 2


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Ellen Pall (1952 - )

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gahern May 15th, 2006 07:42 PM PST

...CORPSE DE BALLET was so beautifully written ( I love her sentence structure) and skillfully plotted...a must read for those of us who enjoy the art of mystery novels.

editor March 11th, 2007 01:08 PM PST

(I am the author of these books.) Unless you are only interested in mysteries, I recommend starting with "Among the Ginzburgs," then doubling back to "Back East" if you like it. "Among the Ginzburgs" is about five grownup siblings who spend a weekend at their family's former country house. The occasion is the sudden return of the father who abandoned them years before.
In "Back East," a successful female songwriter moves back east to New York from L.A. and immediately falls in love with a young gay man; ultimately, seismic shifts in her family reroute her work and her life.
For mystery readers, "Corpse de Ballet" (murder in a ballet company, of course) came first chronologically and so makes sense as a starting place, but I suspect "Slightly Abridged" may draw you in faster and be a better place to start. Both feature the amateur sleuthings of Juliet Bodine, blocked Regency Romance writer. You definitely don't need to have read "Corpse" to follow the story of "Slightly Abridged."
I started my writing life in the 1970's, publishing Regency Romances under the pen name Fiona Hill. Please see the "Fiona Hill" author page for information on the nine Fiona Hill books, which were republished (by Diversion Books) as e-books in 2014.


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Ellen Pall is the originator of Debbiesidea. She is a novelist and journalist. She lives in New York City.

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