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A Good Place To Start

Case Histories 3
Behind the Scenes at the Museum 1
Emotionally Weird 1

A Bad Place To Start

Not the End of the World 1
Life After Life 1


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Categorization is odious. There is tremendous overlap among genres. These pigeonholes are offered only as a convenience.

Kate Atkinson

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ciara86 January 31st, 2006 04:12 AM PST

If you wish to explore Atkinson's work I would highly recommend starting with either "Behind the scenes at the museum", for a beautifully written account of the life of one Ruby Lennox. For those who prefer a more plot-based work look to "Case Studies", Atkinsons' excellent crime novel.

bookbug April 20th, 2013 09:24 PM PST

I love most of Kate Atkinson's witty, sharply observed, deeply imaginative books. The four "Jackson Brodie" ones (Case Histories, One Good Turn, When Will There Be Good News, and Started Early, Took My Dog) are essentially detective stories but with fully dimensional characters, absorbing situations, and a classically appealing detective. If these interest you, read them in chronological order (starting with Case Histories).
Her other works are mainstream literary novels. Emotionally Weird is my favorite, a book with a strong emotional pull and a couple of deeply strange characters. But if it doesn't grab you, try another.
The only one I would NOT recommend starting with is Life After Life. It's received many enthusiastic reviews, but I found it very disappointing. It's also very long. Start elsewhere...but do try her, she's terrific.


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