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Categorization is odious. There is tremendous overlap among genres. These pigeonholes are offered only as a convenience.

Dean Koontz (1945 - )

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Marian November 9th, 2006 08:16 PM PST

Publishers Weekly says that ODD THOMAS is Koontz's "best novel ever."

(That's saying a lot for a guy who's written about 60 "Dean Koontz" novels and about 30 more books under other names.)

musicalvamp April 1st, 2007 08:05 AM PST

While I did not start with "False Memory", it really did terrify me. Not because there was anything too sci-fi about it, but more because it could actually happen. It's scary to think about the fact that someone could actually cause another person to have a disorder and also maintain complete control with just a few simple words. I've recommended this book to every reader I've met who wasn't sure where to start with Koontz. Over all, I think it was probably one of the best books he's written, which is hard for me to say because I've enjoyed nearly every single one of his books (minus a few of the earlier ones written under a pseudonym).

RD Larson August 31st, 2008 10:26 PM PST

I like everything by Dean Koontz. I especially liked "Life Expendency" and gave it to my husband to read. He had not read fiction for years but he read it. He really enjoyed it and has read fiction ever since. I look forward to all new Koontz books because I have read all of his other ones. They each in its own way satisfies my love of reading. Sometimes when I spend two days reading or re-reading one of his books I spend the next ten days writing my own stories and novels. RD Larson


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When he was a senior in college, Dean Koontz won an Atlantic Monthly fiction competition and has been writing ever since. His books are published in 38 languages, a figure that currently increases by more than 17 million copies per year.

Nine of his novels have risen to number one on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list (One Door Away From Heaven, From the Corner of His Eye, Midnight, Cold Fire, The Bad Place, Hideaway, Dragon Tears, Intensity, and Sole Survivor), making him one of only a dozen writers ever to have achieved that milestone. Thirteen of his books have risen to the number one position in paperback. His books have also been major bestsellers in countries as diverse as Japan and Sweden.

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