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Per Olov Enquist (1934 - )

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Per Olov Enquist was born in 1934 in the village of Hjoggböle in Northern Sweden. His father, Elof Enquist, a laborer who sometimes worked in the local sawmills and sometimes as a stevedore in shipyards miles from the family home, died when Per Olov was an infant. His mother, Maria Lindgren Enquist, a schoolteacher, raised him in this isolated, pious rural community where much of the family on both parents' sides had lived for generations. Enquist grew up there and did not leave until he had finished high school. This Northern Swedish environment, with its strong evangelical influences, has turned out to be not only the background for much of Enquist's fiction, but also the stimulus for his lifelong search for truth, a search that many of his characters and narratives exemplify. While the early emotional and financial hardships that Enquist experienced may have shaped his intellectual life, many of the philosophical problems and complex narrative structures that he has explored as a writer derive from or are related to the religious texts and debates to which he was exposed as a boy.

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