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A Good Place To Start

The Great Fortune 1
The Danger Tree 1


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Olivia Manning (1911 - 1980)

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dropo59 February 3rd, 2006 07:47 PM PST

The Danger Tree is the first novel in Manning's very impressive Levant Trilogy. Although the Levant Trilogy comes after the Balkan Trilogy, both in terms of publication and story-line, it's perhaps better to read the more action-oriented Levant Trilogy first and then backtrack to the Balkan Trilogy.

imogen October 20th, 2008 05:13 PM PST

Definitely start with the Balkan Trilogy. The first book is The Great Fortune but both trilogies come as bound volumes.

They are wonderful books combining the geography of some of the remoter parts of Europe (and then the Middle East) with a personal history of the start of WWII and how it affected people. It is above all a portrait of a couple (Guy and Harriet Pringle) in the early years of their marriage in turbulent times.


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Olivia Manning (March 2, 1908 in Portsmouth – July 23, 1980 on the Isle of Wight) was a noted British novelist. She studied at the Portsmouth School of Art then escaped Portsmouth to work at Peter Jones department store, the Medici Society and for MGM. Her first novel under her own name, The Wind Changes, was published in 1937. Before that she had written romantic thrillers under the pseudonym Jacob Morrow.

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