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Mercedes Lackey (1950 - )

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Rusty99Arabian October 4th, 2006 08:53 PM PST

Never has there been, in my opinion, a worse author with a larger following, but Mercedes Lackey does have a few books that are well worth a read despite her odd foreys into blatently copying other author's works.

By far her best writing comes to play in her older series--the Last Herald Mage series (Magic's Pawn, Price, Promise) is quite good, with strong, interesting characters and a decent plot, although the second book lulls a bit. Really, her Valdemar world is very interesting, and well explored in the series that readers should start off with first, which is Arrow's Flight, Queen, and Fall. These set up her two strong points as an author--her compelling romance plot lines and truely excellent sense of royalty.

Almost none of her other books are worth reading, however, with the exception of the Fairy Godmother, a unique take on traditional fairy tales. The rest have uninteresting events compounded with ideas you know you've read elsewhere as well as poor sense of timing and pointless evildoers. The series I've liked least are her dragon books, Alta, Sanctuary etc, which copy directly off of the Heart's Blood series; the worst book has been her newest One Good Knight, a direct (and bad) copy of Patrica Wrede's "_____ with Dragons" set. The Storm... books are mediocre at best and should not be your introduction, as with Winds; the Owl... books are absolutely insepid but make Lackey look good by the sheer awful immaturity of the coauthor that joins her.

Despite this, the Herald Mage, if a bit too angsty, and Arrow's Flight are very much worth a read and are good fantast choices. Just don't touch anything, anything else.


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