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A Good Place To Start

Interview with the Vampire 4
The Witching Hour 1

A Bad Place To Start

Merrick 1
Blood and Gold 1
Blood Canticle 1
Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt 1


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Anne Rice (1941 - )

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mkiker2089 May 1st, 2006 10:31 PM PST

The best place to start with Anne Rice is with her most famous work, Interview with the Vampire. From there you can decide to move on or not. I do not recomend skipping any because most of her novels (except Vittorio) are designed to fill in information from previous works.

musicalvamp April 2nd, 2007 09:04 PM PST

I have to say that I am a vampire fanatic and love to read about them in both "fact" and fiction. I have been very impressed with the Anne Rice series, whom you either love or hate. Be forewarned that if you choose to proceed through the entire series, it will eventually tie in with the Lives of the Mayfair Witches. If you haven't read the Mayfair series, you may be a little lost at the end of the Vampire Chronicles. I personally enjoyed both very much.

Also, don't let the second movie fool you: it combined the Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned into 2 1/2 hours. Interview with the Vampire stayed close to the story line, but Queen of the Damned tried to put too much into too little time.


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Anne Rice (born October 4, 1941) is a best-selling American author of horror/fantasy books. She was born Howard Allen O'Brien, the second daughter in a Catholic Irish-American family. Rice's works have had a major influence on the "Goth" movement, and she has also published a number of works with sado-masochistic themes. She was married to the late poet Stan Rice and is the mother of novelist Christopher Rice. Her daughter, Michele, was born on September 21, 1966 and died of leukemia on August 5, 1972. Anne's sister, Alice Borchardt, is also a noted genre author.

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