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A Good Place To Start

She's Come Undone 1
I Know This Much is True 1


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Wally Lamb

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RD Larson November 9th, 2008 11:14 PM PST

I have read 'She's Come Undone' about four times and 'I know this much is true' three times. I am waiting for my copy of 'The Hour I first Believed' which is out on Tuesday. I can hardly wait. I would love to write as warmly and as honestly and as openly as Wally Lamb. He does 'cut his vein and bleed the story' and you can hear him say so on Amazon.com under the new book, The Hour I first Believed. There is also the first chapter. All of his books have been gut-torn and heart-thudding dramas of real live fictional characters that come to grips with life's problems. You can NOT go wrong reading Wally Lamb if you like a literary, moody, funny, and enthralling story.

bookbug February 8th, 2010 10:15 AM PST

I just FINALLY started reading my first Wally Lamb book ("She's Come Undone"). It is good enough to make me wonder why I waited all this time. I have such resistance even to glancing at certain very successful books. Why is that? Snobbism? In part, maybe. But also painful experience, because I find many widely-read books so bitterly disappointing.


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