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Denver, CO, USA

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That "favorite authors" list is a difficult thing. It changes every week.

My favorite blog is good old bookslut.com.

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about Walter Mosely 2006-01-29 16:06:26

The Easy Rawlins mysteries are great pictures of postwar Oakland California African-American life.

about Edward Whittemore 2006-01-29 15:41:12

Start with "Jerusalem Poker". It's the second book in a four-book series, but it sets the whole thing up admirably. Then read them in order.

"Quin's Shanghai Circus" is a good standalone book, and has all the standard Whittemore emotional tides within it.

The "Jerusalem Quartet" covers a lot of ground, namely a couple hundred years of magical-realist thriller-history of Jerusalem and all the people who impinge upon it from elsewhere. It's a love song to the city, and is like very compassionate, poignant Pynchon.