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What I'm Currently Reading

I'm currently devouring THE INTERPRETATION OF MURDER by Jed Rubenfeld.

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about Tana French 2008-07-30 16:49:16

The Likeness

I'm almost finished,,,,,,and I don't want the book to end...it's reminiscent of 1940's movies where the dialogue is central to the plot... great book!!!!!


about Tana French 2008-07-22 10:29:37

Yeah!!!!!!!THE LIKENESS is in print...I can't wait to read it......

about Aifric Campbell 2008-04-18 17:57:33

I rarely state that I would love to meet an author for coffee, after reading this book you'll want to discuss the ending, the beginning and the premise with the author.....When I read and reread and underlined and annotated sections of the book, I wanted to take a multiple choice test and short answer essay test on the book. The writing is the best (plot and premise) that I have come across in yearssssss....

about Salley Vickers 2007-07-28 16:55:51

I never thought I'd find a Jungian "crime" novel....beautiful discovery...if you like Caravaggio and Carl Jung...you'll devour this book!

about Tana French 2007-07-28 16:52:18

It is a debut novel written by Tana French. I couldn't put the book down...
She creates "everyday" people and devised a plot that makes me want to read
the book again! I wonder if there will be a sequel?????

about Cornelia Read 2006-05-22 04:51:57

slick syntax, great plot!!!!!!!

about S. S. Van Dine 2006-05-18 20:50:45

I love the movies!!!!!!!!

about Andrew Nugent 2006-05-18 20:45:05

Reminds me of the "old" Ellery Queen series with CONFOUNDINGLY plausible clues and solutions. The ending to THE FOUR COURTS MURDER is so slick one has to reread it a few times before the subtlety is appreciated!!!!!

about Ellen Pall 2006-05-15 19:42:23

...CORPSE DE BALLET was so beautifully written ( I love her sentence structure) and skillfully plotted...a must read for those of us who enjoy the art of mystery novels.

about Matilde Asensi 2006-05-15 19:38:58

A must read for anyone who loved ,
Umberto Eco's...THE NAME OF THE ROSE.
Asensi combines expertise in religion, philosophy and literature with the skill and attention to detail of a Nelson DeMille...She's a ray of hope amidst Dan Brown knock-offs!