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about Elisabeth Le Guin 2007-02-05 21:40:54

An exploration of Boccherini's music starting with the sense of touch and going through all sorts of wierd and wonderful regions, many of them peculiarly eighteenth-century.

about Deborah Eisenberg 2007-02-05 21:21:05

I've only read half of All Around Atlantis so far, but I am loving it and couldn't resist adding Eisenberg and the book to this website. The stories are about confusion and leave the characters confused and yet somehow a clarity, a beauty, emerges. There's a story about a pianist on tour in Latin America that's full of unlikely characters and events; it is hilarious to me because it is so close to my own experiences on tour in Latin America!

about Richard Holmes 2007-01-13 18:58:56

As a writer, Mr. Holmes is worthy of his subjects, which is saying a lot given his subjects. He steps forth as a subject himself in Footsteps, which is about his experience preparing to write Shelley's biography: physically and imaginatively trying to enter into Shelley's experience (this reminds me of Elisabeth LeGuin's study of Boccherini: "An Essay in Carnal Musicology!")

about Christopher Isherwood 2007-01-12 07:59:31

Christopher Isherwood's fiction and autobiography blend into each-other seamlessly, which leads to some funny confusions, for example in one book he has a female character write a book with the same title as one of his own novels. I was completely captivated by his style and particularly enjoyed the stories about Mr. Norris, many of which are incorporated into The Berlin Stories, and the parts of Lions and Shadows about his years at Cambridge completely wrapped up in an imaginary Gothic world he shared with a friend. I also loved his description of working as the secretary of a string quartet after his willful failure at the university. Both of these books could be called semi-autobiographical....

The stories about Sally Bowles which were first published separately are also now collected in The Berlin Stories. They reminded me too much of Breakfast at Tiffany's, but they are charming.

about Laurence Sterne 2006-02-11 19:30:48

Tristram Shandy is one of the funniest and most original books ever, and despite its reputation as unreadable, I enjoyed it all the way from beginning to end in a few days.

about Adam Nicolson 2006-02-05 21:47:11

I found this book, about the process of making the King James Bible, fascinating, even before I guessed that the author was the son of Nigel Nicolson and grandson of Vita Sackville-West!

about Flann O'Brien 2006-02-05 21:36:41

The author's real name was Brian O'Nolan, but who cares? The important thing is that he wrote The Third Policeman, a brilliant and hilarious book full of pseudo-scientific genius (or is it the real thing, like quantum mechanics?)

about Kate Moses 2006-02-05 20:45:30

I don't write as a student of Plath's poetry or of her life, but I loved Kate Moses's novel about a few months she spent looking after her children alone and writing, not long before she died. I'm not a mother, either, so perhaps it's just that one always thinks writing better when it's about something one doesn't know anything about, but I think this book gives the best sense of the sensous experience of everyday motherhood of any I've read. Not that Plath was your everyday mother, her experience was more acute, but that's exactly what makes the feelings of motherhood somewhat available to me in this book.

about Emma Richler 2006-02-05 20:23:14

I have only read Sister Crazy so far, but I hear that Feed My Dear Dogs is a sequel, so I guess the first book is the best one to start with, especially since I know it impressed me deeply, making completely real and sympathetic the heroine's attraction to sharp knives. Her family reminds me a bit of the Glass family in the Salinger stories.

about Michael Frayn 2006-02-05 20:01:56

A Landing on the Sun is one of the sweetest and wackiest love stories I've ever read.

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