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A Visit From the Goon Squad (2010)

by Jennifer Egan

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judygreeneyes August 18th, 2015 10:12 PM PST

I really enjoyed listening to the audio version of this book, the reader was quite excellent. I loved the life and personality she brought to the prose. The prose itself is smart and evocative, edgy but compassionate. I could easily picture the characters and situations. Benny Salazar was an interesting character who moved through many pieces of this disjointed tale through the lives and times of quite a few people, ending up around the year 2020. Many of the characters were somehow involved in the music industry, many were involved with drugs, most or all were self-destructive to some extent or were closely affiliated with self-destructive people (which is also self-destructive). It's not the kind of story you could say has an exact plot or beginning and ending. It's more a conglomeration of people living overlapping lives with varying degree of success, with Life and Time as the goons, getting in the way bigtime. Music and technology also played their influential roles. In many reviews I read, people were put out by the lack of exact plot, by the plethora of characters. But life is exactly like that, isn't it? Too little plot, too many characters, and life and time beat us up. Great story!