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Mary and O'Neil (2001)

by Justin Cronin (1962 - )

added by judygreeneyes

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judygreeneyes August 18th, 2015 08:52 PM PST

What a beautiful story, full of people I cared about and both the happy and sad sides of life, love, family. Justin Cronin's prose is gorgeous, intimate. He so perfectly describes feelings in just the way they truly feel, the way I wish I could describe them. This is the 3rd of his books that I have read, and he is becoming a very favorite writer. I don't think that "a novel in stories" describes this book for me. It sounds like a collection of related short stories, but many books have chapters that are in different time periods, focusing on some characters and not others, etc. It felt like a very cohesive novel to me, and difficult to put down. Really wonderful, recommended for anyone who loves beautiful prose and stories about families!