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The Art Forger (2012)

by Barbara A. Shapiro

added by judygreeneyes

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judygreeneyes August 18th, 2015 09:29 PM PST

This book was difficult to put down - a pretty good whodunit. I stayed up tonight to finish reading it. So much of the drama happens right at the end, and I really wanted to know how it ended. I was fascinated by all of the details of how a a good forgery is accomplished, and what it takes to paint in that style at all. All of the layers of paint and drying time involved, it's amazing. I can't imagine having either the talent or the patience. The author did a perfect job of explaining the painting process and also showing the manic nature of an artist's life while they are in a deeply creative period. It was a great illustration of the difficulty of authenticating a piece of art, especially when people can't help seeing what they want to see. Then there's the question of what a person would be willing to do to own something magnificent, something that has really captured their heart. I wonder how that translates into the non-art world. What would I be willing to do to be (rightfully or wrongfully) at the top of the heap in my profession?

My book group really enjoyed this book.